Pets are family.

This is one of the many values that Dr. Z Teo teaches his children. He has always been a pet lover as a kid and even raised bulldogs. When Dr. Teo moved to the Philippines, raising dogs as pets have become a continuing passion of his until having his own family to raise. He owns breeds such as a  St. Bernard, Pekingese, Japanese Akita, Bichon Frise, and a pug.

Dr. Z is happily married to Dra. Aivee Teo, a celebrity dermatologist and have three beautiful children– Kenz, Kenzo, and Keli.  As a family of dog lovers, the Teo Family searched for the perfect house pet. Among the breeds they’ve looked into, the Giant Poodle was the perfect choice because of their sweet temperament, their fluffy teddy bear hair, and the gentle giants that they are. Poodles, no matter what size is regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. To add more, they have a very interesting personality— playful yet dignified. 

The first breeding was planned by Dr. Z’s good friend, Manny Alarilla who shares the same passion for dogs. Surprisingly during the coronavirus pandemic, the very first giant poodles were born in the Philippines which came as a blessing to the family despite the situation. The breeding successfully had eight healthy offspring which were then rehomed to pet-loving families. 

Because of the successful breeding of the first batch of giant poodles, Dr. Z and Mr. Alarilla then sought to breed other giant poodle colors such as silver, silver-white, black-white, and others. Their specialty is breeding red and whites along with cream and whites all of which are rare giant poodle colors. 

Z Giant Poodles was established to share the love and passion for giant poodles with others and educating people about how amazing Giant Poodles are as family pets. All Z Giant Poodles are raised with love and are treated like family. At Teo’s loving family home, all gentle giants enjoy the cage-free life and are free to run in their spacious family home.