Our Giant Poodles

History of Giant Poodles

The origin of giant poodles isn’t exactly known up to date. However, the standard poodle to which variety it belongs was defined in the 16th century which speaks for the breed’s longstanding history as a man’s great animal companion. There are a lot of theories as to where its ancestry came from.

Some experts believe that standard poodles originated from Germany where it is called pudel or pudelin which means “to splash in the water” in reference to the poodle’s love for water since they are originally raised as water retrievers. On another side, others believe they originated from France which is more reliable considering that the poodle is the country’s national dog.

Today’s poodles are the epitome of leisure and luxury. However, these dogs are originally bred to do real work. It was in the 1400s that the Miniature and Toy poodles emerged as breeders started to breed smaller versions of poodles.

The standard poodles were used by Germans as fish hunters while the French use them for duck hunting. On the other hand, the miniatures were also used for hunting truffles in the woods. The toy poodles, which are of the smallest kind were bred mainly to serve as companions for the Parisian bourgeoisie.

The Prestige and Exclusivity of Giant poodles

The first breeding was planned by Dr. Z’s good friend, Manny Alarilla who shares the same passion for dogs. Surprisingly during the coronavirus pandemic, the very first giant poodles were born in the Philippines which came as a blessing to the family despite the situation. The breeding successfully had eight healthy offspring which were then rehomed to pet-loving families. 

Because of the successful breeding of the first batch of giant poodles, Dr. Z and Mr. Alarilla then sought to breed other giant poodle colors such as silver, silver-white, black-white, and others. Their specialty is breeding red and whites along with cream and whites all of which are rare giant poodle colors. 

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This application will help us ensure that our babies are in the best hands when they leave us.

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