Our Designer Z Giant Poodles

History of Z Giant Poodles

“Gentle Giants” is the most profound way to describe the Z Giant Poodles as they are large dogs but are literally gentle, swoon-worthy, intelligent, lovable, huggable, affectionate, and extremely loyal. They are the epitome of leisure and luxury. Z Giant Poodles, although it’s not completely known where the origin of this breed came from as of yet, was established in the breed’s lengthy history as a beloved friend of men.

The term “Pudel” meaning, “to splash in the water” refers to the Z Giant Poodle’s love of water as they were originally bred as water retrievers in Germany, where some experts believe this breed originated. On the other hand, some people think they came from France, which is more credible given that the Z Giant Poodle is the country’s national dog.

These dogs were first developed to perform actual work. Nevertheless, the Z Giant Poodles of today are a symbol of luxury and relaxation.

The Prestige and Exclusivity of Z Giant Poodles

Dogs have a special place in the heart of Dr. Z Teo. Because of his fondness for dogs, he developed a keen interest in breeding them. The first Z Giant Poodles in the Philippines were a blessing to the Teo Family during the pandemic. Eight healthy offsprings were the result of his successful venture and were eventually adopted by pet-loving families close to the Teos.

With the successful breeding of the first batch of Z Giant Poodles, Dr. Z Teo was inspired to breed giant poodles in other hues such as silver, silver-white, black-white, and others. Notable of which rare hues of red and white, and cream and whites.

Z Giant Poodle Kennel Applications

Thank you for considering adding Z Giant Poodles to your family. Poodles are an amazing life companion. For us, they are not just pets but a part of our family. Like any other dogs, they need love, attention, and time in order to feel like they are home. This is why we want you to understand our selective process as to where our puppies go. 

This application will help us ensure that our babies are in the best hands when they leave us.

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