Poodles are a great addition to many households. Not only because of their stellar demeanor but also of their intelligence and personality that make them one of the best companion dogs to have. Choosing to adopt or go through a breeder requires a lot of research. Knowing where to get them and what to expect when getting a poodle puppy is necessary for being a responsible pet owner.

Our goal is to give your family the best puppy possible. At the same time, it is our priority to give our puppies the best families who will provide them the loving life they deserve.

The first 12 weeks of a puppy’s life is a crucial time for shaping them into the type of dog we desire them to be. According to research, the young puppy’s brain is like a sponge. They can absorb and process anything you teach them way faster than any other adult dogs. Thus, it is crucial to teach them what they need to know as early as possible.

Our puppies are raised under the Puppy Culture program with the process starting with Early Neurological Stimulation starting at 3 days old. This program includes the necessary trainings that are aimed to improve outcomes for puppies such as potty training, aggression prevention, leash walking, crate training, noise, and touch desensitization, confidence builders, and many more.

Once the puppies start eating solid food, we engage them to potty training in which we train them to potty outside at least 3 times a day. At 8 weeks old, we start leash training and crate training so they will learn how to behave and sleep on their crates. We also teach them basic commands such as “sit” and “lay down”. As breeders, we try our best to give you a confident, happy, and well-rounded puppy that you can welcome to your home.

Even with such early training, you have to understand that puppies are just puppies. They get into mischief and may test your patience. However, with positive reinforcement and patience, your pup will be able to learn how to behave and be the best dog that you’ll forever love.

Looking for a good breeder who will be with you every step of the way in getting your dog is important. As a good breeder, we can provide you contracts, a warranty, health records, and all the support and information you need to ensure that the puppy is in perfect condition prior to the care takeover.

When it comes to pricing, we take into consideration all the expenses that we put into raising our parent dogs with complete health testing to bring you healthy and beautiful puppies. Raising the puppies to the best health and training them to get the best temperament possible also include costs.

If you want to reserve a spot on the litter of your choice, there is a reservation fee of 2000 USD which is non-refundable. All deposits are non-refundable. The price of our puppies is depending on the color and gender of the puppies. We do not hold spaces without any deposit and we start to put up a waiting list for any additional puppies once we have 5-6 deposits for our litter. The full payment is upon picking up of the puppy.

Being on the reservation list guarantees you a spot on a future litter. This means that the puppies will go to those on the list after they are born. We only accept 5-6 deposits per litter and will automatically list the others on the waiting list. We only allow one reservation per client. Our poodle moms tend to have a large litter so we set a waiting list for when there are more puppies than the initial 5-6 puppies that were expected and took deposits on. Having a waiting list makes it easier for the puppies to get their owners sooner.
You have to know that we do not accept deposits until we have communicated well about the entire process. This is our way of ensuring that our puppies go to the right families. We usually ask our clients about their preferences to help us with our matching. However, we encourage our families to be open to any puppy regardless of their characteristics such as color, marking, eye color, etc., since we do not have control over what nature will give us. We also inform our families that the color of the puppies may change as they grow mature. Especially for parti-colored poodles, it’s like opening a present. You’ll never know what you’ll get. In our matching process, your preferences are taken into consideration. However, what we prioritize the most is the puppies’ temperament in which we match it to the families’ lifestyle. If for some reason we agree that there is no good match, we are happy to transfer your deposit onto the next available litter. As much as we want you to have the best puppies, we also want the best families for them which is why we put as much time and consideration into our selection process.
If in case this happens, unfortunately, we are more than happy to refund your deposit or transfer it one time onto the next available litter.