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Z Giant Poodle Kennel Applications

Thank you for considering adding Z Giant Poodles to your family. Poodles are an amazing life companion. For us, they are not just pets but a part of our family. Like any other dogs, they need love, attention, and time in order to feel like they are home. This is why we want you to understand our selective process as to where our puppies go. 

This application will help us ensure that our babies are in the best hands when they leave us.

We do not have any puppies available at this time, please submit an application to start the process of owning your own Z Giant Poodles Puppy soon!

Please tell us what puppy preferences you may have (color, gender, personality etc). Please note, your preferences will be taken into consideration but personality comes first and foremost when matching.
Please tell us about yourself and your lifestyle. If this is left vague, you will be asked for additional information.

Please check both boxes! *